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The annual Jewish Welfare Fund Campaign solicits support from each member of the Jewish community. Funds raised are disbursed to local, regional, national and overseas needs. The Budget and Allocations Committee reviews requests and makes recommendations to the Federation Board as to how the monies from the annual campaign are allocated.
Our Endowment Committee solicits general purpose or dedicated gifts from members of the Jewish community. Endowments may be designed as gifts during the donor’s lifetime, bequests, life income plans, trusts, letters of intent and other charitable vehicles.

Jewish Family Services provides professional services including:
• Counseling • Case Management
• Kosher Mobile Meals
• Vocational Services • Food Bank
• The J Shuttle Transportation
• Nursing Home Outreach
• Emergency Assistance
• Guardianship • Elder Care
• Information and Referral

We are proud to say that the Canton Shlichut Committee has worked hard to bring our current shaliach (Israeli emissary), to our community. The shaliach works with local public schools to teach Israel, Holocaust education and Jewish history, as well as planning many special events and programs throughout the year.



The Federation is proud to be part of the on-going endeavor to develop long range plans to preserve and perpetuate a vibrant Jewish life in Stark County. Along with representatives from all our local Jewish Organiztions, we are taking a serious look at our financial resources, institutions, programs, services and population to determine how we can best serve and meet the needs of our Jewish community.

The Community Relations Committee interfaces between the Jewish and general communities of Canton and safeguards the rights of all members of our Jewish Community.
The Stark Jewish News provides the community with a voice dedicated to the issues and programs of the Jewish community.
The Stark Jewish News Telephone Directory is a resource of the programs and members of the Jewish institutions of Canton and Stark County.

for Youth, Family, Students and Singles

We can connect you to speakers on current events and history for Jewish, civic, school and church groups.
Partnership with Israel creates opportunities for people-to-people contact between Cantonians and Israelis living in the Western Galilee. This program truly is the bridge between our two countries.
Missions to Israel are planned periodically to facilitate stronger Jewish identity and nurture a greater understanding of Israel and her people.

The Mission of the Canton Jewish Community Federation is to advance the quality of Jewish life through planning, coordinating and allocating financial and human resources.

2015 – 2016

Louis Altman, Dan Charlick,
Bob Friedman, Barb Ferne,
Carolyn Garfinkle, Adele Gelb,
Alla Haut, Paul Hervey,
Lee Karelitz, Meade Perlman,

Eileen Saltarelli, Laura Solomon,
John Strauss,Bruce White,
Jonathan Wilkof, Susan Wilkof
Tyler Wilkof, Michael Zoldan

Executive Officers:
Lee Karelitz, Past President
Susan Wilkof, President
Tyler Wilkof, Vice President
Eileen Saltarelli, Secretary
Paul Hervey, Treasurer
(not pictured)

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